All this talk about cool climate wines!

I’ve got to tell you it’s not cool in Gundaroo – it’s bloody cold. The pour vines have had a haircut too. Imagine how they must feel! It was never like this in Newtown in my old stomping ground. Dave still insists on dragging me out for a morning walk in the middle of winter, still dark, and there is all this crackly white stuff on the ground. Just as well I have my fur coat on. Of course Dave keeps barking orders at me ‘Go Poo, Go Poo’. Well it’s no fun squatting down on all that icy grass. It’s all right for him, he get’s to do it inside. M of course has the right idea – she pretends to be asleep all snuggled up, and just ignores him. The right move I say. I did watch a show with Dave the other night about a cold place called Scandinavia. Dave kept saying to me that’s where your ancestors come from. I don’t believe him – I’m no Viking dog! But they did this weird thing of getting warm and then rolling in the white stuff. I thought I would give this a go – and you know what? It’s not all bad. Maybe I am a Viking dog afterall.

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