Let there be light!

Well it only took 3 months I suppose. Lots of my favourite sniffing zone was dug up, and Dave spent an eternity digging holes, lifting poles, poking and prodding. Finally I get it. Dave was putting some lights up to help me find the kangaroo poo at night. Brilliant. Slow, but brilliant nonetheless. The problem is that it’s harder for me to hide when I go out for a pee at night. I also liked playing hide and seek with Dave, but I’ll have to find some new tricks. The lights actually look pretty good. I can’t believe it. Dave has a habit of buying old stuff and trying to make it look good. And this is actually one of his better efforts. Hopefully it will mean more of my human and canine friends will come to visit at night.

One big trench!

Lighting up my favourite spot.

Looking like stars in the night.







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