Lights, action

They dragged me down to the cellar door on a very cold night. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but turns out there were a bus load of crazy people all dressed up in furs (think they were trying to be like me!) arriving for what they called ‘Christmas in July’. The leader of the pack said he was John Snow for the night. Something to do with the weather I guess. Completely mad the lot of them – even I know it’s not time for Santa, but there he was getting off the bus with a big smile and a big belly. I liked him even though his time clock must have been completely smashed. Anyway, turns out I knew these people. As you would expect, they brushed past Dave to get to me. Not sure what was going on, but someone had put up big lights everywhere. There was lots of carry on about how pretty the coloured lights were and cars were stopping out in the street to have a look. Not the best time to be coloured blind because it didn’t do much for me! I hung around like the hound at a great feast, hoping for scraps – but not much was forthcoming I must say. And then they all got up and danced around like puppies with a new toy. There was singing of sorts, but even Dave sounds better than that when he sings in the shower! And he’s not great. I must say, as expected, Santa stole the show once he got hold of the microphone. I guess he’s been practicing for a very long time.

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