Mac’s Backyard (with Annie and Poppy)

Hello. I am Annie. Sometimes Dave and M call me Annabelle – but only when I am up to mischief.

I became part of the family at Tallagandra Hill in early 2021 a few months after the great sadness here when Rockstar Mac passed away. I was super nervous about venturing into Mac’s Backyard because I knew I could never replace him, but it didn’t take me long to get the hang of things – it’s all about being loving and caring to Dave and M, and doing my jobs right. Number one job – make all humans feel special. Number two job – keep the birds out of the vineyard. All seemed to be going well and, being a Kelpie, I’m a good worker and, for the most part, good at following instructions. Dave says I am very stubborn though!

Mac left lots of instructions for me around the property – little messages, news bulletins and the like. He was clearly the king pin around here. I would like to be queen pin, but I’m not rushing things.

Then Dave and M surprised me one day by bringing home a little ball of fluff they called Poppy. How life changed for me! Poppy is one of those hybrid types (not environmentally friendly though). A Labradoodle, whatever that is … I know her as the terrorist. She now thinks she’s in charge. What a total disaster! When really she is just a trumped up kid who won’t take instructions. Dave seems to think I am the right one to train her – all very well. But she constantly attacks me, bites my ears and does her business where she is told not to. So much to teach her, so little time. Just when I was looking forward to a bit of R&R. Hmmm, not to be. Kind of weird that I like hanging out with her despite it all – it’s good having a cute little sister.

So it seems that it is the two of us trying to fill the huge paws of Mac. Doing my best … not sure about the terrorist!

Still each day on our morning walk in the vineyard, Poppy now tagging along, Dave and I sit quietly at Mac’s graveside and show our respects for the great pooch, seeking his wisdom for the day ahead.

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