Mac’s Final Word

And so it is – time to say goodbye.

I thought we had more time but my body tricked me into putting all my energy into fixing my leg and none of us knew I had a dark cloud growing inside me. Not that he knew it, but kind of fitting that Dave’s final gift to me was a sneaky bit of sausage roll under the table. We had an understanding me and Dave – I would give him a look and he would do pretty much whatever I wanted to do. Just as well I always had the right intentions … 

I think I was always a good mate to Dave and to M. In my latter years, I figured my most important role was to be close at paw and let them feel my positive vibes. That’s the way of dogs and humans – a special unbreakable bond – not like humans and humans where so much is breakable it seems.

I was feeling quite spritely on my last day – one last frolic in the vineyard checking on my block –  but the dark cloud suddenly erupted in me and I couldn’t get my bearings. I couldn’t even pant really. I knew it was time to go, but none of us was ready – so I hung in there for a while so we could all do the agonising farewell thing. I guess I was pretty lucky really – not everyone gets the chance to lie closely with your loved ones and hear beautiful things whispered in your furry ears. It was a nice way to go, and as all my mates kept telling me ‘you have the best life Mac’. And I did.

I am hoping my passing is not too painful for Dave and M and my legion of fans. I never chose to be the most popular dog in the world – I just couldn’t help myself really. I just liked people and they liked me I guess. In my own selfish way, I hope I will be remembered as a special pooch, a loyal companion, lover and friend. Not just the good looking one wheeled out to sell a few more bottles of wine!

We dogs have so much wisdom to share – people just need to listen, watch and learn more. ‘Less haste’ as my old friend and confidente The Great Ron used to say. To lie quietly with someone is sometimes the greatest gift you can give. I was a bit of a champion at this – not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but …

I like the final resting place that Dave and I selected for me a while back. I’ve always liked to lie in the shade on a hot day and keep an eye of The Favourite Son Tempranillo (still can’t believe I wasn’t on the label!), listen to world around me and know that I am loved. I can feel Dave’s hand on me still.

Happy wanderings.

Love Mac.

24/02/2010 – 12/10/2020

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