New job as a cleaner

I swapped roles today. Dave took me down to do my usual host job – I took one look at it and said ‘Dave you’ve got to be joking!’ 60 adults and 60 kids running riot. Dave called it an event; I call it chaos. My best option was probably to hide under the table and look cute. I’m good at that, but Dave was looking pretty stressed, so as always I rolled up my sleeves and jumped into action. I’m not a one trick puppy you know: I can be an excellent cleaner. I shifted into vacuum cleaner mode and set about cleaning up all the chips and bits of pizza dropped by those messy kids. I was an absolute legend as you would expect and everyone kept saying what a great job I was doing. I was unstoppable. I was expecting a standing ovation by happy onlookers, but all I got was a kick up my furry behind for eating too much. Can you believe it! I do like this cleaning job though.


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